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there is really, only one boy... one girl... one tree... one forest... one deep, dancing ocean... one mountain calling... one handful of sand through our fingers... one endless sky overhead...
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and one simple way to care for it all. please visit and learn how the world's leading environmental groups are working together under one name. earth share. one environment... >> good afternoon, everyone. at the meeting will come to order. it is monday, october 3, 2011. i am eric mar. to my left is supervisors scott wiener. could you please give us announcements? >> please turn off all cell phone is an electronic devices.
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items acted upon today will appear upon the october 18 board of supervisors agenda. >> 92 the staff sffd tv for televising us today. would you please call it -- sanctitude to the staff at sfgtv for televising us today. would you please call the first item? >> colleagues, thank you for convening today to hear this one important item. thank you to the members of the public for joining us. this is an amendment to the planning code to clarify the process for the construction of nonconforming uses that are destroyed by fire or acts of god. a fire was caused by an illegal marijuana growing operation that burned six houses. the owners of these properties
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have been engaging this city in reconstruction of their property. under the current planning code, that is a nonconforming use. the planning code has a process for nonconforming uses that are destroyed by fires or acts of god that governs the time. , is somewhat vague. today's legislation would clarify the time period or the owner could restore a non comforming use. specifically, these additional modifications would do three things. it would change the times period in which an owner could reconstruct. this is roche -- retroactive to
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2009 and make changes to section 188 of the planning code. i would like to bring in rogers from the planning department who could walk us through these additional changes. >> good afternoon, committee members. i would like to convey the gratitude for making these changes to the planning code. the language is a little bit ambiguous. i think you pretty much covered it. this is in sections 181 and 188. it seems like a simple change. >> you have the language in front of you as well. >> no further questions. >> let's open it up for public comment. is there anyone from the public who would like to speak? >> good afternoon, supervisors.
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i do represent one of the owners of the warehouses who lost their opportunity to rebuild because of the ambiguity. that happens to be a pdr use. i will like to thank supervisor cohen for clarifying the legislation. i do not know if you have the whole file with you. bob and larry suggesting this kind of revision would be an important thing to do. that is it. we are very comfortable with the planning department's suggestions for changes.
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>> ♪ you got that something i hope you will understand i want to protect those buildings from damage i want a better plan i hope you help us when i walked by the buildings, i feel happy inside because of acts of god, you can hide you can hide you can hide you have to make those building strong that in case there are acts of god or fire i want a better plan and help it the best you can. ♪
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>> is there any other members of the public who like to speak horsing beatles song? could we move this forward with a positive recommendation without recommendation? are there any other items before us? without objection, the abutments are adopted. can we adopt this without objection? thank you. meeting adjourned. at thank you.
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October 8, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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